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bowl bid in years. the fight hunger bowl against arizona state. the second quarter, sundevils lead 28-7 and after a missed navy field-goal and going deep to ross, a 52-yard touchdown. arizona state led 34-7 at the half. the third quarter we go, kelly and ross, the secondary again and this time, a 50-yard touchdown. the third of the game for ross. arizona state scored touchdowns on their first nine possessions and that is unheard of. late in the third quarter now, 48-7. one of the few bright moments with the gp green on the kickoff return and into the open. he would go 95 yards for the score. navy adds two more tds in the fourth quarter and dominated by the sun devils, 62-28. the pinstripe bowl at yankee stadium, syracuse and west virginia in a pregame scrum. talk about bah humbug. trailing 12-0. smith, a wide receiver to bailey. and he breaks the tackle, takes up a distant 32 yards for the
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score. that cuts the deficit to 12-7. third quarter, same score. syracuse's pass deflected and right into the hands of becket rails. the teamwork to a touchdown and back in front by 12. later, prince tyson gullo the carry and kicks it outside. nobody, i mean nobody's going to catch him. 67 yards for the td and finishes with 215 rushing yards. wing it 38-14. tomorrow is a meaningful sunday of football for many teams. some vying for homefield advantage, some a higher seed and some just a spot in the post season. 10612 play-off spots were clenched, including all six in the afc and that means two spots are up for grabs. will the redskins get one of those? this guy hopes so. robert griffin 3, his athletic age allowed the redskins to open up their offense and a threat with the legs, rushing for over 700 yards and six touchdowns and he has a canon of an arm.
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twenty touchdown passes, just five interceptions and griffin was also huge in the big every game this season with four touchdowns and back-to-back games, including on turkey day. the big save, of course, nothing new for the heisman trophy winner turned nfl alert. >> you play big on the big stages, people tend to write good things about you, so, we all want to play well on the big stage and in the primetime game and a game coming to the division and he was a championship game and we have to win the championship. >> and we came back from being 6 and 9 and that is where we have to finish. we're not satisfied where we're at now and ultimately, one team is happy in the end. >> when we come back, will the wizards need more than a return of john wall? a winning streak. would they start one tonight?
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. welcome back. last april was the last time the wizards felt great for more than just a -- just a night. that is the last time they had a winning streak and that is long overdue. the wizards look for their second in a row. and they haven't won back-to- back games since april and that
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is when they finished the season and hits the j. the start of an 11-0 run to cut the deficit to 2 and 11 points and 18 boards for okafore. nene with the rebound and to bradley and that is a rookie with a strong drive and finish. he hits the three, a game high 17 off of the bench. the wiz fall 87-77 and they're 4-24. college hoops this afternoon, maryland defeated delaware state, 79-50. the freshman came off the bench and scored a season high 19 points and terps won 11 in a row, the longest winning streak in a decade and george mason having an okay season, 7-4 and tonight on the road against south florida, the second half
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and to collins. hits his head on that knee and down for a while. had to be stabilized before being taken off of the court and he scored 10 consecutive points and could get no closer than two and james johnson and virginia tech losing the three of the four games and out west, taking on byu and he hits the three, a career high 29 points in the first half a lone. up 17. the next possession off of themis and with that effort and that putback. the second half, how about mor. the rebound to davies and inside with a career high 42 on the day and virginia tech falls
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to byu, 97-71 and hokies open up acc play next saturday hosting maryland. and off the wall is coming up next. there is one thing to talk about this week. >> and that is about it sunday night. who is going to win? >> and i am going to make a official prediction. >> wisdom martin phone call coming up. >> locked and loaded after the break. >> no doubt. >> set your house on. >> whatever. share everything.
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. >> off the wall. it's about one thing. >> yes. >> and what we have seen in decades. >> how long you been here in. >> ten years. >> ten years? >> yeah. >> and that is 18 for me. >> run the ball. >> okay. >> stop the other team on defense and don't let dallas get out. they have skilled players. >> you better believe. >> and they have some weapons. >> romo is okay. >> okay. >> the key is if the redskins secondary can shut down those skill players, the running game is okay. >> yeah. >> and that is -- . >> yes.
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>> they have to stop the long ball. >> and i would agree with that and that is what they do. >> right. >> and my concern is the other side of the ball. >> okay. >> and if i am the redskins with the knee, that is where it comes in for me. >> right. >> and -- . >> i don't think his knee is going to be okay, dave. >> you don't think so? >> and that is two weeks. >> that is how it works. >> and they can crash down. >> and can the redskins be the one? >> yes, they can. >> and this is a rivalry game and now, with rg3 and that big
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brace and bad knee, that is other key compope want for the game. >> and if you're talking about the pocket passers, you have to protect them in the pocket and that is an offensive line that might not be equipped to do that. >> maybe you don't have to run but shuffle. >> okay. >> and agree. >> are you going to give me an official prediction? >> yes, i am. >> the ones scoring the most points will win the ball game. >> another wisdom martin. >> and bet your house on it. yo i have a secret source. >> he doesn't want to pick the win. >> i just told you who? >> who? >> the team with the most points. >> and -- . >> i am on line? >> no. >> and which team with points? >> and that is which wins. >> the redskins will win. >> we'll see you on monday. >> hopefully they'll celebrate a crown. pick the winner.
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>> the redskins are winning. >> really? >> yeah. >> going. >> we'll see. >> we have to go. see you tomorrow morning on redskins pregame at 11:30 a.m. good night. good night.

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